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Imagine your wedding as a three day festival, where you and 30 of your closest family and friends gather as the sole occupants of a vacation destination to live together as a kind of mini-village.   


In your village you have the main lodge, which is a five bedroom farmhouse with a fully equipped kitchen, that sleeps 10-12 people in 4 double beds and 4 twin beds.  You also have 8 heated cabins, each with its own equipped kitchenette and bathroom to accommodate single guests, couples, or families. 


You have five picturesque acres with trees, rocks, flowers (depending on the season) and beautiful mountain views, where you can set up a tent to host your reception in a romantic setting at no extra charge. There is plenty of room for children to play, and families and friends to get to know each other while working together to set up for the wedding, hanging out and conversing under the trees or on comfortable porches, or gathering around a fire circle  (free firewood provided) in the evenings. 


On the day of the wedding itself, your village can host an additional 100 or more guests on the grounds or in tents set up for the reception.  


And now imagine that this wedding festival can be relaxing and absolutely affordable as well as beautiful and memorable.    



Call us at (518) 523- 9572 for more information.

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